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All of us at Reliance are geared up and ready to help you with your finishing needs.

l Folding Includes Map, Miniature, Knife and Glue Folding with Permanent, Remoist and Fugitive.  We can also place items such as envelopes and cards.





l Pocket Folders Converting pocket folders with final fold, CD holders with peal and seal tape if needed, and other glue folding conversions.
l Stitching Traditional stitching, Loop stitch, 2-up format booklets and In-line refold capabilities.
l Die Cutting Scoring, Perforating and Kiss cutting.
l Cutting Most any size parent sheet.



Reliance Trade has added remoistenable gluing.  Combined with our other in-line processes (perforating and scoring, folding, permanent and fugitive gluing), Reliance has a broad range of finishing solutions for direct mail projects.

From product inserts and wallet-size entertainment schedules to mini-catalogs and hang tags, we're the source.  We have increased our capacity to accommodate more complex folds and faster turnaround times.

Our 31" X 55" 6-plate folder, combined with 2 right-angled folding sections, allows us to handle large sheets and unusual folds.

From 6" X 9" NCR to 20.5" X 28" 18 pt. board, we can handle the job.  We have a wide range of stock dies for your convenience.

Is used to form self-mailer envelope pouches, bind-in envelopes, as well as to edge seal the pockets of airline ticket and CD holders, etc.  Also, during folding, we can spine glue 8-page and 12-page booklets and newsletters, offering an alternative to saddle stitching.



Our six-pocket saddlebinder is equipped to handle a wide range of signature work.  In a one-up format, our finished booklet sizes range from 3.5" X 5.75" to 12" X 19" stapling on the long dimension.  In a two-up format, the spine can be as small as 4.125".

BOOKLET REFOLDING (part of saddle stitching)
We can saddle stitch booklets and add a final fold all in one continuous process.  The fold can be perpendicular to the spine (example, 8.5" X 11" booklet final-folded to 8.5" X 5.5") or parallel to the spine (example, 8.5" X 11" booklet final-folded to 4.25" X 11", also tabloid 11 X 17 to 8.5" X 11").

LOOP STITCHING (part of saddle stitching)

Traditional spine staples are replaced with looped wire stitches spaced to fit a 2 or 3 ring binder.  Catalogs and product literature open more easily in the binder, and drilling is eliminated


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l Brian Penick
l Nelson Naranjo



We have three independent, stand-alone gluing systems that work in conjunction with our folding equipment.

Remoistenable glue is used for self-mailers, bind-in envelopes and other strip-gummed products that need to be resealed.

Fugitive glue is a removable adhesive.  It is ideally suited to temporarily close bulk mail folding in half, letter folding, or roll-folding.  A good alternative to water or dot seals, fugitive glue does not effect the visual impact of finished products.

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